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365 Project

January 14, 2010

So I started a 365 photo project as some of you may know. I started hosting it at this blog, but I have a few problems with doing so.  One, not everyone on this blog will necessarily be interested in following my 365 project. Two the volume of posts from the 365 project would cause the posts I actually want on this blog to get lost in the shuffle. And three, the content in the 365 project is really not suited to the purpose and content of this blog. I will however, keep the 100 strangers (which is becoming a part of my 365 project) on this blog as it does contain suitable content. So if you have an interest in following my 365 project and other photography related posts, you can find them by clicking here or the link in the sidebar. I moved the three existing posts and their comments to the new site.