About My 100 Strangers Project

I started a new project today.  It has three purposes. One is to encourage me to be more bold in meeting people. The second is to help develop skill and creativity in my photography. Lastly, I want to look into the spiritual state of the people of Huntsville from a random sampling. So as I meet and photograph people I will be asking them one question.

I believe that each person is a spiritual being and that in this life we are taking a spiritual journey.  Where are you in your spiritual journey?

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6 Responses to “About My 100 Strangers Project”

  1. Klier's Says:

    Love this concept Kirk! Will be excited to see your posts and learn along with you!

  2. LaDonna Says:

    Wow! Have fun. Learn lots. I look forward to your “findings”.

  3. Donna Says:

    what an intresting project, you are an inspiration to me.
    I tend to just let ideas like this roll around in my head but never act on them. you inspire me to get with it and do some of them……my prayers are with you as you carry on your enbarkment of this journey, have fun.

  4. marlene Says:

    are you still working on your 100 strangers? Do you have a time line or just when it happens. I find this interesting and have been following it as you post the strangers.

  5. Kirk S. Says:

    I am still working on it. I have been having trouble finding suitable places to approach people (I think suitable courage is also on the elusive side.) My initial plan was to do at least five a week. I am obviously falling a little behind that. Knowing people are following will provide more incentive (courage) to continue.

  6. LaDonna Says:

    I’m following the progress too.

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