I saw this young lady and her friend sitting on a bench at Bridge Street. I’m not real happy with the lighting. It was one in the afternoon so the shadows are really harsh. I also over exposed it. Luckily I shot it in raw and was able to salvage it.

In response to the question she said –

I’m kind of in … ahhh … some sort of middle ground, I guess. But I’m trying to get over that, kinda, hump I guess. Towards, I don’t know what you would call it, ummm … I don’t know … contentment I guess.


One Response to “Contentment”

  1. Kirk S. Says:

    Looking back at this one again, the thing I love about it is the framing of where she is within the picture matched with her expression. I keep waiting for a thought bubble to pop up in the space next to her head to show me what she is thinking.

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